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Halal India




Halal India

2015-01-25 00:00:00 & Posted by : Mr Mohamed Dahman

India the third largest Muslim population in the world,

Targeting tens of millions of India Muslims, halal products have been gaining ground in India recently, with more companies seeking the halal certification to access the increasing market worldwide.
“We are happy with the way halal products are coming in the market. It is easy for us to buy and use them,” Imad Ahmed a devout Muslim in Ahmedabad city, told
“Earlier, we never even thought about buying meat and other products from malls because we were not sure whether they were halal or not”.

Halal India Market

With about 180 million population, Muslims in India constitute 14 percent population of the country. For many companies, the halal certificate offered them an access to the ever-growing market of halal products.Halal India
Halal India Keeping in mind the sentiments of Muslims, two sisters based in Ahmedabad town of Gujarat have recently launched halal-certified beauty products called ‘Iba Halal Care’. Mauli and Grishma Teli make these products in their own factory. Born in Jain community, they started making range of personal care products two years back under the brand name of Ecotrail.
The strict vegetarian Jain community is a religious minority in India with a population of about five million. On their trips abroad, Teli sisters used to see shops selling halal beauty products.
“When we delved into to find out what halal products are, we realized that there were lots of Muslim women who could not use many beauty products because they were not sure whether they were halal or not. Then only we thought about opening this firm to cater to the needs of Muslim women,” said Mauli to Her sister Grishma said, “The nail polish commonly available in the market forms an impermeable barrier over the nails preventing water from getting underneath. Thus the nails don’t become wet during wudu’.”

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